Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ron Paul Addresses Israel Issue in Radio Interview

Following the success of Ron Paul's $6 million fundraising day, the good doctor was in Iowa this week for a string of local and national media interviews. On a local talk radio show with Mac McCoy, the subject of Israel came up. Mr. McCoy asked how future President Paul would handle Shmolmert's demand to stay in Iraq lest Iranian influence take over that country and destroy Israel. In truth, Iranian influence has grown in Iraq and the hardline Iranian position strengthened specifically because of the occupation of Iraq and the end to the balance of power between those countries that any realist scholar would advocate and the traditional Republican policy sought to maintain. In response, Paul repeats the Zionists for Ron Paul talking points - our aid finances the Arabs collectively more than Israel despite Israel being the largest single aid receipient and our interventionist policy restrains Israel from defending itself either by military operations or peace initiatives.

Audio of the interview is here:, the relevant portion starts at about 6:10.

In other news:
We previously reported on the congressional candidacy of Michael Moshe Starkman running as a "Ron Paul Republican." Mr. Starkman posted frequently on the Ron Paul facebook group and in my correspondence with him, confirmed his support for Dr. Paul. Now, it has come to our attention that Mr. Starkman has joined the Fred Thompson campaign. Starkman seems like a nice guy and a genuine supporter of limited government, but I apologize to anyone who may have been led to believe that he was a Ron Paul supporter.

This is a bit old, but I'm adding a link to Zionists for Ron Paul founder and leader, Yehuda HaKohen's interview with Ron Paul supporter Shmuel Ben-Gad on Arutz Sheva, Isreal National Radio.
We're still trying to get Ron Paul himself on Arutz Sheva, but he's had bigger outlets to hit lately like CNN, Fox News, Meet the Press, Time magazine and so forth.