Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christian Zionists Don't Need Government Middle-man to Support Israel

As Ron Paul's campaign builds momentum, he's beginning to pick up support from the pro-Israel community (welcome to our counterparts at Jews 4 Ron Paul). Yesterday at Daily Paul, a Christian Zionist writing as "Christopher X" weighed in:
I am a Christian who supports Israel. But I also agree with Ron Paul on this
Topic. Just like countries that may need "humanitarian" support, it is not right
for the Federal government to "steal" from us in a tax and support them. Ron
Paul says that if the tax money was left in our hands instead of the federal
government taking it from us and deciding what to do with it, that we could do
with the fruits of our labor as we please. Whether it is helping people of other
countries survive droughts, or if it is supporting Israels right to exist in
it's own land.The Christians that support Israel, like me, can figure out that
we can support Israel without the intrusion of the government. Christians do not
need a middle man (the federal government) to take our money and support Israel.
We can support them by ourselves or in a united fund run by Christians. This
actually is the only way that makes any sense anyway. For we know that the
government would take alot of the money and do hideous things with it, and say
that they are supporting Israel with it, like alot of the candidates are saying
right now. It makes sense in bussiness, and in Charities, that the fewer the
"middle men", the more efficient the bussiness or Charity is and the more
dollars are used for the intended purpose. So I do not know why Ron Paul's
stance on this subject should be of any alarm to Christians who want to support
Israel. Just the opposite in fact, we could do with our money as we want instead
of watching the federal government take our money and do things with it that we
would never approve of.

The point Christopher makes is like many of Paul's positions - its so clear cut and simple that its overlooked. The reality is that the majority of the aid the US gives to Israel comes back to American defense companies, thus not providing any real benefit to Israel and in fact, stunting the potential of its own industry. But what of the rest of that money? Does it go toward advancing the aims of Christian Zionism?

If we do some rough figuring, we can see that the average American "contributes" $10 to the state of Israel. What would you, Christian Zionists, like to do with your $10? Would you give scholarships for students from the periphery to attend one of Israel's fine universities? Strengthen the communities of Judea and Samaria, the heart of the Jewish homeland? Provide comfort to the residents of Sderot and the south suffering the effects of the US government-endorsed Gaza disengagment?

Or maybe you would just trust the notably Arabist State Department to make that choice for you. Because that's what we're doing when we support any kind of foreign aid. As it stands the State Department takes your money and does things like slipping $25 million to "forces loyal to Abbas" (translation: arming anti-Israel terrorist groups) inside a "humanitarian" relief bill like they're trying to do now. I think we'd do better donating that money ourselves, as individuals, like Ron Paul advocates so we can truly support Israel.


Anonymous said...

What about anti-Zionist Jews who support Ron Paul? I am at least one. That is because Ron Paul does not belong to the Israel-First Neo-Con AIPAC crowd, and wants to put America first, second and third, and cut off foreign aid to the Zionist machine (which is also a desecration of the Torah). Thus Ron Paul is the only hope as a presidential candidate to restore American priorities and not use American power to support the vicious anti-Jewish behavior of the Zionist State!

Steve said...

Well, the Ron Paul r3volution accepts all kinds, we're just reaching out to a specific segment of the population, pro-Zionist Jews and Christians. You're not likely to make a lot of friends around this blog as an anti-Zionist, and maybe pick some fights if my co-bloggers are up to it. Our ideas about Zionism and Israel may be from different sides, but we can agree on the need to put American interests first, end the aid, and move away from the Neocon agenda. Thanks for stopping by our blog and for your support of Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this. The idea of Zionists supporting Ron Paul for the benefit of the State of Israel, or even anti-Zionists supporting Ron Paul is sort of irrelevant simply because the policies that promote the insane situation in the Mideast will be discontinued under Ron Paul. That means no more structuring of political discourse vis a vis Zionism (you know, the wicked Muslims who want to "destroy us") and ending a "Zionist Tax" on Americans to pay for weapons to support them while the Palestinians starve, just as Shimon Peres tells the world that the Zionists are buying up Manhattan (along with Las Vegas, Poland and Hungary) with US money.
The world will be a better place when Ron Paul becomes president. WIthdrawals from the Mideast, Europe, Korea, Japan. And maybe even a real peace treaty with a bona fide German government (since technically German is still under occupation!) like happened with Japan (though not Korea) in 1945.

Plus an end to the dangerous IRS which does not even follow its own regulations and procedures!

Peace in Palestine means the end to the ethnocracy, ensuring that the rights of all are equal, since Zionist policies would never be tolerated in our own country! Isn't that so?

Hellenists Smell like Pork said...

Support a White Supremacist for Israel!

Great message, I hope you're getting paid enough to sell out your brothers

abraham said...

I'm glad you guys support Paul, and I'm glad you want to end US government welfare for Israel. I hope you understand it means that the billions of dollars extorted from all Americans to waste on Israel will now have to be covered by the minority of American Jews who are Zionists and the 10 million or so Christianist crackpots who call themselves "Christian Zionists". I hope they like living poor, because there's going to be a huge shortfall.

I also hope the Israeli government loves its people as much as it claims to and makes peace and concessions with its Arab neighbors and the rightful owners of the land, the Palestinians, because when the welfare ends it will certainly mean the end of Israel, or perhaps the end of the Middle East if the Samson Option is used.

The only hope for us is that the imaginary man in the sky really does exist and steps in before the "If we can't have it, no one can" button is pressed.

Alchemist2012 said...

Can someone please punch me on the face? Zionist for Ron Paul ??? hahahahahahaha

Now that's a phrase I thought I would never ever hear it.

Looks like some people are completely uninformed about Zionist or...

Owner of this weird site, Are you just trying to confused to heck out of the wise population? or you really think you know what you are doing? as all of us do.

Zionist, infiltrated American government bringing it to the war to defeat German, and claim Palestine,Strategically. also, they are not real Jews " REVELATIONS 2:9 and REVELATIONS 3:9".They lie, they are Czars. Turkish like. the term jew is very confusing today. Religious? Race? or Israelite descendants? Sraelite descendents are brown skin people. bla bla , long story. Jews for Jesus.

steve said...

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Diane Archer said...

Is it really right for Christians to support the current state of Israel considering the facts on how they have accumulated the area and the facts of what is really happening there now? Do we as Christians aim not at peace and humility? As Christians should we not be concerned not only to the Jews but also to the Arabs? How about considering the lives of women, men and especially children who were all innocent victims of this event that some Christians are really rejoicing about? As a Christian I am for the Jews because i share with their blessings but i am against this current state of Israel, it's not Biblical and i hope my fellow Christians will realize this.