Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jewish Community Leader Runs for Congress as "Ron Paul Republican"

Through the Ron Paul facebook group (linked on the right) I recently learned about Michael Moshe Starkman. Starkman is running as a Republican in Maryland's 4th Congressional District and openly endorses Ron Paul. Starkman is a 30 year old entreprenuer who leads both his own technology start-up company and a synagogue which serves the local community in conjuction with a private Jewish school. As a man of both Torah and high-tech, he represents two of Israel's greatest strengths - the blessing of Hashem and a dynamic economy. He has spent time studying in Israeli yeshivas and has many family members who have made aliyah. Even with this background, he is firmly focused on the traditions that make America great: our heritage of limited, Constitutional government, including a foreign policy of peace and non-intervention.

Starkman has run for this heavily gerrymandered Democratic seat before, when he was deafeted by a lopsided 82-18%. However, he was largely a "paper candidate" at the time who was devoting most of his political energies to helping a friend in a neighboring district and merely filled the ballot for the undermanned GOP in his own. This time around is different as Starkman is focusing on his own race and his opponent, incumbent Al Wynn is facing a stiff primary challenge likely to divide the Democratic base over Wynn's pro-war stance.

If we can get Ron Paul the Republican nomination - a feat that looks about 100x more likely now than when we started back in February - there is little chance he would lose to the pro-war Hillary Clinton. And when/if that happens, we'll need more "Ron Pauls" in Congress promoting our freedom message. Please join me in helping one of our best candidates - Michael Moshe Starkman.


Anonymous said...

Dear Moshe: I don't know if it's correct or not to run for Congress, but if we finally get some Yidden in Congress who are not lackeys for the AIPAC Israel-First Neo-Con wackos, it will be a good thing. Even if I am saying this on a blog called Zionists for Ron Paul. As an anti-Zionist Orthodox Jew, I yearn to see the dissolution of the heretical golden calf Moloch state. Only with Ron Paul as President, according to the laws of nature, can we hope to see the world saved from World War III, and America restored.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Here's the new picture Moshe. I just figured since I look so good in a black, broad-brimmed hat that everyone does :).

Webster said...

This election could prove interesting indeed.

PeterJamesRonPaulcandidate said...

While Moshe is a supporter of local limited government. He does support Ron Paul openly. He filed as a convention delegate on the last day and will pull votes from the designated Ron Paul Delegates. Possibly allow another presidential candidate to win the district delegate. You may want to go to the montgomery county meetup to read how Moshe is offended by the word Zionist.
Moshe has stated at the meetup that he doesn't elieve the war in Iraq is an issue. He hasn't supported abolishing the Fed and nowhere on his web site is any reference to Ron Paul. said...

I ment to say Moshe Doesn't support ROn Paul openly !!!

pterjamesronpaulcandiate said...

Moshe Starkman is a Fred Thomson Delegate here is is right off the Maryland board of elections website.

Starkman, Michael Moshe
Republican Mailing Address Public (301) 254-9660
Juris. Montgomery 13314 Arctic Avenue EMail
Status Active Rockville, MD 20853
Filed Regular - 12/03/07
Auth. by Thompson, Fred

Jesse said...

Why is Moshe a Metro area coordinator for the Fred Thompson campaign?

Starkman for Congress 2008 said...

I was/am a strong supporter of Ron Paul but Peter felt that I wasn't Ron Paul enough and therefore entered the race to challenge me.

As such, Ron Paul lost a delegate spot in the first round of voting.

My stance on Liberty has not moved from 2006 when I first fought for limited government and a restoration of Constitutional authority. In fact, Peter James helped with the campaign for a long while.

Everyone should keep in mind that Peter is my opponent in the election and therefore his view is naturally biased. Please take the time to contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Thank you,

brett said...

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