Thursday, July 19, 2007

Divide and Rule

Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, special interest groups have been slowly usurping control of the United States. And as their influence grows and their agenda begins to appear irreversible, it becomes increasingly clear for anyone willing to see that these groups have one ultimate aim – global government. Free trade deals and world governmental organizations like the World Bank, UN, ICC, NAFTA, NATO, WTO, and CAFTA have all been put in place over the decades in order to serve as a bridge to a new world order devoid of independent nation-states. In truth, these initiatives are not only threats to American sovereignty but also to the independence of other nations throughout the world. The European Union and other attempts to unify continents have succeeded in transferring power from local governments to unelected bureaucratic elites loyal to no particular flag.

While American sovereignty and the civil liberties of the American people are perhaps two of the greatest victims of this hidden coup d'├ętat, many who oppose this trend in other parts of the world ironically see the threat as American imperialism or a Pax Americana. It is no wonder that so many peoples throughout the world carry so much animosity towards the United States. In the Middle East, for example, where the globalists have spent the last two decades working to shrink Israel’s borders and weaken her defensive capabilities, many view American foreign policy as a threat to the Jewish state’s survival. Granted Israel is not the only small country on which the US places tremendous diplomatic and economic pressure. But Israel is perhaps the only one of these countries whose very existence is in danger because of this pressure. Since the administration of President George H.W. Bush, the US has consistently forced successive Israeli governments to move in directions that endanger their people, borders, and national sovereignty (while the globalist-controlled media portrays Israel as an aggressor and occupier). And there is a growing feeling among many Israelis that if they do not separate themselves from the American agenda and shake off their economic dependency on the US, Israel might not be able to survive.

The Israeli people must learn that it is not the American people but rather a minority of wealthy and powerful individuals that are threatening Israel’s existence and independence. By the same token, Americans who oppose the dangers of globalism must stop referring to the threat to their liberties and sovereignty as a “Zionist” conspiracy. Nothing can be further from the truth. The same ruling elite (who admittedly include several Jews among their ranks) currently destroying the American dream are the very same conspirators seeking to chop up Israel. The world media has been successful in dividing the opposition to the ruling elite’s new world order. But its time that freedom loving people on both sides of the world stop blaming one another and start uniting behind a leader. I believe that leader is Ron Paul.


Joey said...

I'll think twice before calling the New World Order a Zionist conspiracy. We should be working together. But why doesn't the Israeli government make their case like you do?

Jake said...

Indeed, the elite seem to have their bases covered. They've filled up Israel's government with limp-wristed appeaseniks who will acquiesce to their every demand. The New World Order says "Jump," and the Israeli leaders say "How High?" Just look at Ehud Olmert.