Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is Israel David or Goliath?

As much as the globalist-controlled world media tries to present Israel as a Western power and the aggressor in the Middle East conflict, Israel is actually the ultimate victim of globalization and Western imperialism.

The British Empire, who ruled Palestine from the end of World War I (when they conquered it from the Turks) until the Jews won our freedom in 1948, did everything in their power to prevent a Jewish state. The British had been given a mandate by the League of Nations to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine but they soon decided it better to stay on in the Middle East as permanent rulers (their Navy had just made the switch from coal to oil). The British began employing their traditional policy of “divide and rule” turning the local Jewish and Arab populations against one another. The empire continuously shrunk the size of Palestine – creating an artificial Arab state called Trans-Jordan in the process – and worked to upset the demographic balance of what was left of Palestine by importing Arab workers from elsewhere in the region (and in some cases importing Muslims from as far as Bosnia) while restricting Jewish immigration. When young Jews finally revolted against the occupiers and succeeded in forcing them out, the British tried to get even by arming and leading Arab armies against the Jews. With British assistance, Trans-Jordan managed to take Judea, Samaria and most of Jerusalem (and then began calling themselves Jordan) while the Egyptians succeeded in conquering the Gaza strip. It took 19 years for Israel to win these lands back and now the international community is mounting heavy pressure for the Jews to relinquish these lands and return to the truncated borders that the Jews miraculously managed to survive in between 1948 and 1967.

When Israel succeeded in expelling the British, the Americans pressured the Jews not to declare a state. When the US administration saw that the Jews would not obey, President Truman imposed an embargo against the region (while the British were arming the Arabs to the teeth), threatening any American wishing to help Israel with 10 years imprisonment and loss of American citizenship. Ironically, it was Joseph Stalin who, in an effort to thwart American foreign policy, supplied weapons to Israel through Czechoslovakia. The arms were not enough to hold onto everything the Jews had freed from British rule but they were enough to survive on a small sliver of land.

As a small Jewish state situated on a mostly Arab continent, Israel is now one of the foremost obstacles to globalization and what many call the new world order. The global elite, who seek to move the world towards a unified government, first need to phase out small nation-states in favor of continent blocks. The European Union, African Union, and North American Union are all stepping stones on the way to a global regime. But the Middle East, an oil rich continent important to Western governments and global corporations, seems impossible to globalize so long as there exists a strong and defensible Israel that the entire region wants to destroy. Enter the peace process. Under the guise of “peace” the international community – led by the US, UN, EU, and Russia – has been placing tremendous pressure on the State of Israel to shrink its borders to the point of irrelevancy.

And the world media is aggressively pushing this agenda by working to portray Israel as the occupier and the aggressor in the conflict. Only a few years ago, I myself bought into the propaganda and believed Israel to be an instrument of globalization and imperialism. I hope others will take the time to learn the history of the Middle East and begin to see what I saw while there is still time for action.


Joey said...

I never knew this stuff before. Thanks for opening my eyes brother.

Haithem said...

What a load of crap!!!!!!!!!!