Thursday, July 12, 2007

A better world

I have never been excited by an American politician until now. Congressman Ron Paul – as the anti-NAFTA, anti-NATO, anti-UN, anti-IRS, anti-NWO candidate – has captivated my imagination and got me thinking what this world would look like with a man like Paul in the White House.

For Americans it is important that Ron Paul is a constitutionalist and therefore the only presidential candidate true to the vision of the country’s founding fathers. As a congressman he has never voted to raise taxes nor has he ever supported an unbalanced budget. He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership and has consistently worked to shrink the size of government. Congressman Paul has consistently fought for civil liberties and opposes the Patriot Act and Homeland Security.

But why should any of these things matter to me? I left America nearly six years ago and have since made my life in the State of Israel. I have a wife and children in Jerusalem and we see our future here. So why should I care about elections across an ocean? And why is it even justified for me to endorse a candidate in some other country’s race? I have always opposed, on moral grounds, people voting in the elections of one nation with the interest of another nation at heart. But there are two reasons why I feel different in this case.

Number one, I genuinely believe that Congressman Paul is the only decent candidate for the American people and the only political figure that can return the United States to the glorious vision of its founders. He is the only presidential candidate that speaks about fixing America's real problems at the root level. Regardless of all else, I genuinely feel that Congressman Paul can provide the best future for the American people.

Second, Ron Paul as president of the United States can make the entire world a better place – not by turning democracy or American values into a crusade like the neo-conservatives have done but by doing exactly the opposite. As a non-interventionist, Paul as president would most likely reduce US involvement in other parts of the world and respect the ancient cultures of indigenous peoples. This would be especially beneficial for Israel and the entire Middle East simply because most of our regional problems are the result of imperialism, globalization and general Western interference in local issues. With Congressman Ron Paul as president, the United States – instead of nation-building overseas – can return to building a truly great nation at home while working to solve its own many problems, thus allowing other nations to develop and advance at their own pace.


Tsoldrin said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm not a big fan of Israel myself, because I find most of its policies distasteful, but one thing is more than certain - the U.S. stomping around the middle east kicking over hornet's nests is only exacerbating all of Israel's problems. I don't think Israel can be safe while America continues to stir up trouble in the region.

benjamin said...

the global elite have been trying to destroy israel since the jews expelled the british. i find it near miraculous that israel still even exists. but there is no question that ron paul as president and america out of the mideast would actually make peace between all the native inhabitants easier.

Josh said...

Why is it that so many people accuse Ron Paul of anti-Israel bias?

benjamin said...

i dont know josh. probably because he opposes aid to israel in congress. but he opposes aid to any country. and he also opposes america telling israel (or anyone else) what to do so essentially he isnt anti-israel but just wants to revolutionize americas foreign policy.

Steve said...

Josh -
Paul has been critical of AIPAC in the past and that has led some to characterize him as anti-Israel. But Paul's disagreement with this one organization isn't because they are Jewish, Zionist, or otherwise pro-Israel but because they support 2 things that we don't - aid to Israel and US involvment in Middle Eastern wars other than defensive action.
We don't expect Paul to be the greatest Israel lover anyway, but he doesn't need to be. The Zionist case for Paul is based on the principle of restoring Israel's national sovereignty.
Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you'll stay with us as we continue to lay out the case for Paul from a pro-Israel perspective.

josh said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate the clarification. I tried to get my temple to bring Ron Paul to speak but someone mentioned to me that Paul hinted in an interview that 9-11 was a zionist conspiracy. Have you heard this?